Paper Bead Workshop Offered By Keep Loup Basin Beautiful

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator, invites adults and youth to come and join the fun of creating paper beads that can be used to make unique jewelry or add “pop” to those special accessories on, Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway Interpretive Center, 330 S Hwy 11, in Burwell. Five different challenging bead shapes will be investigated and created.

Participants will learn how to reuse magazines to create these new, fun, and creative items, get to be the first to utilize the new paper bead making machines, learn about proper recycling practices, receive the “new” 2017 Recycle Guide, and get a list of upcoming KLBB Educational Projects and Programs.

The beads created at this workshop are eligible to be exhibited in 4-H at Fair. Participants are asked to bring magazines with colorful pictures or fun patterns, scissors, toothpicks, Elmer’s glue and most importantly your imagination.

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Hughes Introduces Paper and CD/DVD Recycling Ideas to Loup County School Youth

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator visited Loup County Schools 3rd-6th grades March 24, 2017. Hughes was invited to share recycling/repurposing ideas with the classes from Mrs. Marie Gumb and Mrs. Lexie Wurst.

Students in grades 3rd and 4th created “new” Ladybug CD/DVD’s out of old, unusable CD/DVD’s. The youth were very excited to use the creative side of their brain and enjoyed the process of reusing something to make a new, bright and fun Spring object for their room. Students in grades 5th and 6th learned how to reuse different paper products, such as newspaper and magazines, to create beads in five different shapes. The students learned that the process is not as easy as they though and takes teamwork and patience. The youth had fun using the bead making wands and were trying to decide what they wanted to make with them once dried. In total Hughes introduced 25 students to a new, creative, reuse way of thinking about everyday use items.

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Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Offers Recycled Wall Art Workshop

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator, invites you to attend a recycled wall art workshop on, Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. The workshop will be held at the Loup Rivers Scenic ByWay Interpretive Center, 330 S Hwy 11, in Burwell. Participants will create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that can be displayed proudly in their house or room while learning about recycling practices, receive the “new” 2017 Recycling Guide, and obtain a list of upcoming 2017 KLBB Educational Projects and Programs.

Participants are asked to bring a cutting matt, rotary cutter, cutting square or ruler, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, a picture frame without glass, picture backing, glue, paper clips, small binder clips, or clothespins and their imagination. This workshop is a fun and creative project that young and old can enjoy. It is a great project to do with your kids and/or grandkids with supervision and assistance. The workshop is open to adults and youth and is FREE. Youth who choose to attend may enter their finished project in Fair if they choose.

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United Methodist Women Learn About The Importance Of Environmental Stewardship On Pollinators

Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator, visited the Burwell United Methodist Women on May 3, 2017, and shared her passion of the environment and pollinators. Hughes presented on, “The Importance of Pollinators” and related the information to our environmental practices. The information was shared with around thirty women from around the area following a wonderful salad supper.

Audience members learned about the pollination process, pollinators, and why it is important. Hughes gave examples of what a pollinator is and how and what plant species are best suited for certain pollinators and why. Pollinator gardening was also discussed and the many options for plant and garden size were stated.

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Auble’s Pond & Dane Creek Clean-up Successful But Your Continued Help Is Needed!!

A great group of environmental stewards met at Auble’s Pond and Dane Creek on Saturday, May 13, 2017, for the same reason. The goal…to clean up and preserve the area at and around Auble’s Pond and Dane Creek as part of the 2017 Great American Cleanup “Clean Your Block Party” theme. Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB), a Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Affiliate, is proud of the work done at this event. Dr. Crystal Ramm and Ryan Broker put many hours of organization, permissions, and communication into making this clean-up day a reality and deserve a big THANK YOU for taking the time and having the passion to maintain the beauty that the area possesses.

The group of fourteen stewards, youth and adults side by side, performed multiple tasks the day of the clean-up. Some used grabbers to circle Auble’s Pond and clean up debris and trash that had made its way into the pond while others focused on the removal of brush and trees in and along Dane Creek. All participants then converged onto Dane Creek and began the large task of pulling cement, tires, trash, metal, and even a bike out of the creek. After four hours of intense cleaning the group called it a day with a large dent put into the entire task.

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Burwell Clothing Closet Impacts the World

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has donated to the Clothing Closet in Burwell and to all of the volunteers who have put in many hours to make it function efficiently so that people can utilize its services.

The Clothing Closet served 555 people in 2016. Seven thousand pounds of clothing was donated, nine counties were served, and adult and youth volunteers gave of their time 112 times.

Clothing that is not used is donated to the Assembly of God Toss Box. Dave Busch and his family pick up the unused clothing and transport it to Grand Island where it is collected by the semi-load and delivered to the Lincoln People’s City Mission recycling center. Once it reaches the center, it is baled into 1000 pound bales and transported by the semi-load to Texas, Florida, and Canada. From there, the clothing travels to Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Africa. The clothing is used by people in these countries to wear and to sell in markets for income. So you can see that a mission that starts in Burwell by you extends to other cities, states, and countries. None of it goes to waste. Clothing that is not used is recycled into yarn, rags, and stuffing for chairs and car seats.

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Toss Box Mission Project

By Lawrence Johnson

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What: Speed the Light Toss Box.
Where: At the northeast corner of the square in Burwell.
When: The door is always open.
Why: To collect donated clothing and shoes.
Who: The Burwell Assemblies of God Youth Ministry project.

Ever wondered where your donations to the toss box go?

Recently Toby Schneckloth, the Nebraska Youth Minister of the Assemblies of God church was in Burwell to load donations made to the Toss Box. Schneckloth said, “Everything gets used. All the donations go to the Peoples City Mission in Lincoln and go into three categories. The best clothes and shoes are made available to the homeless, the next cut goes to third world countries and the least usable go to industrial firms where they are processed into other products.”   The products going to the industrial markets are sold with the funds going to the church’s mission projects. Each semi trailer load usually brings in about $3,000. The total amount allocated from the Burwell church in 2016 was $1,125, in January 2016 alone, $610 was raised for Speed the Light.

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Auble’s Pond and Dane Creek Clean-up

Dr. Crystal Ramm and Ryan Broker along with Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) invite area residents and visitors to participate in a fun and gratifying project on May 13, 2017 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Dr. Ramm and Mr. Broker worked diligently to plan a “clean-up” day along Auble’s Pond and Dane Creek, in Ord, which will beautify it even farther for area residents and visitors and would love your assistance!!

The plan for the morning includes picking up general trash, brush and debris from the creek bed and around the pond so please dress accordingly with muck boots and protective clothing. KLBB is excited to provide gloves, grabbers, and trash bags for the event along with immense support to anyone interested in such activities.

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BRAND NEW 2017 Recycle Guide Now Available

The BRAND NEW 2017 Recycle Guide is now available.  The guide is being distributed across our 13 county region so look for it at the following businesses.

Union Bank & Trust Company, 410 4th St
Marah’s Treasures, Origin of the “Taylor Villagers” 308.214.0847

Innovative Designs, 501 W Main
First National Bank, 315 W Main
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Hughes Speaks to Loup Trail Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution

On Saturday, March 9, 2017, the Loup Trail Chapter of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution (DAR) invited Amy Hughes, Keep Loup Basin Beautiful (KLBB) Project Coordinator to speak to them about Pollinators and Environmental Stewardship. Hughes opened the meeting asking attendees, “What they knew about pollination?” A variety of responses and a lively discussion ensued. Hughes then moved into describing what pollination is, how pollination occurs, what a pollinator is and does, and why they are important. Examples of pollinators were given and pollinator garden requirements were discussed. The presentation was very interactive with questions on, “How to preserve your plants without using insecticides?” and “What is bloom set?”

Hughes also spoke to the group on the roles humans play in proper environmental stewardship and conservation of natural resources. The relationship between pollinator importance and conservation was also discussed and what humans can do to aid in conservation of the land, animals, different species, and the environment around them. Discussion on the populations of the Monarch Butterfly, Regal Fritillary, and Bees were used as examples of how human activities can have negative effects. Hughes then discussed how litter can have an adverse impact on the environment and why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure that unwarranted items do not end up in the landfill or other areas that could cause harm to pollinators. Continue reading